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Not updating for ages?

And that is completely how I feel about it. Alrighty, trying to get back on track on live journal because even though i got tumblr and all my fangirling is going on there...I STILL HAVE LOTS OF LOVE FOR LIVEJOURNAL, OKAY. All my best friends are here, so!

Yesterday I watched the BAFTAs. Needless to say, Meryl Streep was adorable, Hugh Jackman hilarious and I screamed at the computer (I live streamed, we don't have a TV licence) every time the Artist won something. I really need to watch it and find out why exactly it is so great. I just hope it's not one of those 'We don't really get it or like it but it's different so we cannot say we don't understand it so ALL THE AWARDS.' sort of thing).

Also, new Resident Evil is going to be amazing. OH GOD YES. Speaking of God, I got sucked into the BBC's Sherlock fandom like a little bitch. I did. I ship everything. And it's SUCH a clever show. And it has a kick ass canon lesbian. <3 Oh Irene. You kinky little thing.


Title: The Adventures of River Song and Idris
Music: A Melody of River (Doctor Who Soundtrack)
Pairing: River & Idris
Summary: River Song meets human!tardis. And that is only the beginning.
AN: Merry Christmas, Whovians. This is my personal canon - them flying off to space together!
Link: http://youtu.be/nuQrAmAFSBY

3am and I am a bit tipsy, ladies.

I feel like writing a Glinda/Elphaba fanfic. And a Chenzel one, too. I should throw the Fed in, too. And Eden, let's not forget Eden. Good times (Lucie, WHERE is the promised Chenzel fanfic, huh? HUH?!).

Also, speaking of Eden:

This is a threesome...

...I wouldn't mind having. So.hot. (also: love the conversation! fierce Portia is fierce and snarky Julian is snarky!)


"Good evening, Clarice."

Girl is away for a few months and suddenly Livejournal has an "image wizard"? Really? Trying to impress the world with wizards and witches? You got me! So what's up with your lovely Michelle? A lot! As some of you already know (and as I mentioned earlier) I moved to Scotland! Yes, that land where men in skirts serve you goat's insides while playing bagpipes and waving to JK Rowling.

Oh, right, only it is not like that AT ALL (maybe save for JK). Edinburgh is so, so much more than I could ever imagine. The city is very historical, very impressive and royal in a way, exactly the way I like it. Funny thing is that my University - Queen Margaret University - is exactly the opposite: campus was built in 2007 and everything is very modern. I love both, the feeling of being surrendered by history and the feeling of OMGITSSHINYANDNEW. <3

If any of you forgot, I am studying Film&Media. You would think all we do is sit around and watch films but...no, wait, that is exactly what we do. Alright, there might be some readings to do as well and a few essays here and there but...yeah, pretty much about watching films. I do enjoy it quite a lot - and as you suspect from my new shiny Hannibal icon, I fell in love with the Lecter Trilogy again. Can't help it, sociopathic killers always attract my attention *cough-irina derevko-cough*! Also, Clarice/Lecter was SO 'the lion and the lamb' way before that silly Twilight!

Speaking of fandom: I am working hard on getting back to my precious fantoms that I neglected while studying and partying. I particularly mean: WICKED (*squee*), The Good Wife (Kalinda!!!!), Rizzoli & Isles (am reading the novels now, too!), How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Worst Witch (hell yeah, Kate Duchene!), House MD (but only till Cuddy leaves)...and ya know, so on.


So you know, if you are there, lemme know? I would love to meet up with old friends! Also as you can see from my .gif...I am watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. You should, too. It makes everything better! And it's soooo adorable! (also, Lucie, you are going to love Rainbowdash:

She is a RAINBOW, BOYISH PONY. In Pony World, you would be Rainbowdash! (I am working on assigning Ponies to other people at the moment as well, no worries:P. And yes, I am five.)

I am sure there was something else I wanted to say. *thinks* OH WELL. I am off to finish the first season of My Little Pony then.:D

Say what.

I was just thinking that I have nothing to say to upload my LJ with. Then I realized I moved out from home to Scotland, started Uni, completely reorganised my life and that everything changed from the scratch.

So you know, maybe I have something to upload my LJ with. More soon.:)


Hell yeah.

Fierce Minerva is fierce.

Writer's Block: Happily ever after…

What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

He'll start reading fanfics.

Rizzoli & Isles Recap

...or simply the rainbow moments and what the characters actually said (and what happened).
Warning: This may take away your last hopes of watching a straight show. Also, spoilers cuz it has pictures and dialogue.

For more, follow the fake cut! :D

Summary: So basically episode one was about Jane wanting to get laid but being in too much pain. Also, some people died and some murders occurred. Or something.

Yule Ball Minerva

I should study but instead I was googling Minerva McGonagall, Audrey Hepburn and playing around in photoshop. Therefore I present young!Minerva after Yule Ball, probably going to see Rolanda.

And now I promise, I am off to study before I start making Rolanda/Minerva manips.

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